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Glovo Cook Room

We open 'cloud kitchens' in areas with limited diverse of food establishments, thus creating offerings where there is demand.

Who We Are?

Glovo Cook Room Standards

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    Daily audits of product quality and cleanliness are conducted at each of the locations

  • HACCP icon


    The service equips kitchen spaces according to the international HACCP standard

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    Laboratory Control

    We provide our partners with specific disinfectants. On a monthly basis, we organize the washing of surfaces and the analysis of ready meals in SES

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    Administrative Support

    We organize work on garbage removal, processing of used oil, ongoing repair of the building and equipment

Work principles cloud kitchen

Getting Started with Glovo Cook Room

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    You engage your own staff, provide products, and specific equipment

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    You get premises with engineering and technological communications, warehouse and refrigeration / freezing equipment

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    We provide an administrative team. They manage the establishment and connect the kitchen with couriers, allowing you to focus on food preparation.

Work principles cloud kitchen
*Photo of one of the available cookrooms*Photo of one of the available cookrooms*Photo of one of the available cookrooms

*Photo of one of the available cookrooms

  • ˜40%

    reduction in upfront and ongoing costs

    Minimized risk compared to opening a traditional establishment

  • ˜2500


    Made by our partners per month, aiding project expansion to new territories. Increasing order count just like a new local establishment would!

  • ˜500,000 UAH

    earned by our partners per month

    We analyze and find the perfect location. Additionally, we achieve superior operational metrics in our establishments.


Our Offerings

Our Offerings
  • Equipment
  • Rental
  • Location Addresses


Example Equipment Package:

  1. Wall-mounted umbrella with filters (exhaust)

  2. Sink with mixer and dispensers

  3. Refrigerator cabinet

  4. Freezer cabinet

  5. 3-compartment refrigerated table

  6. 4-shelf rack

*possible changes in quantity and models